Lough Gowna


Anna Wiercioch is an artist from Poland who lives on the border of Co Longford and Co Cavan. Just after moving to the countryside she found time to come back to art and create on any canvas – from the plates through frying pans to toilet seats. Everything can be used to create art.

She teaches art to her kids and learns new art skills every day. She loves art and her favourite artists are: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo.

She loves to learn new techniques, try different mediums and play with art. Every day is good to create some new piece of art. She is proud mum of 3 little artists who are already taking after her – multiple art competition winners who love to create as well.

As a Photographer – Anna finished multiple photography courses after having her first daughter when she found main subject of her photographs.

In 2015 Anna started project 365 – documenting every day of her children life. Anna has experience as an event photographer and also family, kids studio photographer but her favourite is lifestyle photography where she can capture candid moments.