Artist & Musician


I am a visual artist and singer songwriter from Dublin but after living in Berlin for 6 years came back to Ireland and moved to Cavan. I have a joint degree in Fine Art Painting and Art History from NCAD in Dublin. Over the years I’ve experimented with various art styles and subject matter, but am currently focusing on painting seas and waves and the beautiful skies and cloud formations we have here in abundance in Ireland. I’ve kept these artworks separate from all my other works on social media as Painted Seas Painted Skies.

As well as my own art I paint commissions, mainly of dwellings. With a friend from art collage I started a project called Paint for Me – where we offer house portraits for people. These are usually commissioned as special gifts for occasions such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays, often these paintings are of family homes that are long gone and serve as a visual memento of a happy home which people can cherish forever.

I am also a singer-songwriter. A few years ago I took up ukulele as a hobby, this quickly grew into playing and singing more professionally. I added to my instrument skills by teaching myself to play baritone ukulele, stick-dulcimer and guitar. I’m currently trying to teach myself how to play concertina. 

I’ve played various festivals such as Electric Picnic as well as showcase nights around the country in various venues and even opened in the iconic venue of Whelans for the Dublin Ukulele Collective. At the time of writing this I’m on the cusp of releasing my third single. For all my released music, use my artistic skills to create all my own artwork for the songs and also film my own videos.

I’m currently undertaking a diploma in music therapy and am working on a project to provide remote entertainment for those in nursing homes.