Creative Cornucopia Cavan Video Launch 2023

May 11th 2023 | Hotel Kilmore, Cavan | 10am


Calling Cavan Creatives, come and join us to launch this years video showcases of some of our wonderful Cavan Creatives, take the morning to chat with other creative souls, and if you would like to do so, please bring a piece of your work to display and share with us.

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About Creative Cornucopia Cavan

Creative Cornucopia Cavan is a project which began before Covid struck, and has been slowly growing since.  It is a project designed to showcase and promote any and all creative folk living in Cavan, and to that end a website directory was developed, and video interviews with creatives were undertaken. 

More recently, and with the support of Cavan Arts we have been able to produce more video interviews, and now that we can get together to meet and network we are taking the opportunity, thanks to the Rural Hub, of formally launching our latest videos and gathering as many creative folk from around Cavan as we can.

Our Event

11th May 2023

10:00 am


We are looking forward to meeting you, and would appreciate if you would sign in so that we can keep in touch after the event.

10:10 am

Maria & Dimitry, the Creative Cornucopia Cavan Team

10:15 am
Official Launch

Catriona O’Reilly

Cavan Arts

Without the support of Cavan Arts it would be far more difficult to continue creating these short video interviews. 

10:25 Am
Showcase Raquel Montero Calero – Visual Artist and Performer

Raquel is a most engaging performer and an outstanding visual artist.

10:35 Am
A word from the Rural Hub

Keith Guilfoyle

The Rural Hub in Virginia have kindly sponsered the event today.

10:45 aM
Showcase Sally-Ann Duffy – Textile Artist


Sally-Ann Duffy is not only a talented textile artist but is at the helm of Bailieborough Creative Hub, bring art and creativity into local communities.

10:55 aM
Art & Mental Health

Raquel Montero Calero


Art & Mental Health, a topic that has come up in many videos, Raquel will speak to this topic and share her thoughts.

11:05 AM
Showcase Anna Wiercioch – Visual Artist & Photographer


Anna just blew me away with her energy and colourful artwork when I interviewed her. 

11:15 AM
Art In Community

Sally-Ann Duffy

Bailieborough Creative Hub


Sally-Ann shares the impact of bringing art and creativity into community.
11:25 AM
Showcase – Oliver Gargan – Photographer


Oliver Gargan is a young man from Bailieborough. It was a pleasure to interview him and get a glimpse into his work and the inspiration behind it.
11:40 PM


Refreshments, and a little music from  Elena Duff, a very tallented visual artist and performer.

12:00 NOON
Time to mingle


Time to mingle, chat, take a look at the creations that are on display. One thing I learned from Bailieborough Creative Hub, is that while I really enjoy a certain amount of solitude, I need to bounce thoughts and ideas off other creative minds.

12:45 PM
Closing Address


Just a few minutes to thank everyone who made this event possible! Short and sweet, I promise.

1:00 PM
Event Ends


While we officially finish at 1, I am sure that a few conversations may only be getting started, the venue will be available if you want to stay and chat a bit longer!


Meet Our Speakers

Maria Jordan-O'Reilly
Maria Jordan-O'Reilly

Founder - Creative Cornucopia Cavan

Keith Guilfoyle
Keith Guilfoyle

The Rural Hub

Dimitry Germanov
Dimitry Germanov

Photographer & Videographer - Jago Studio

Raquel Montero Calero
Raquel Montero Calero

Visual Artist & Performer

Catriona O'Reilly
Catriona O'Reilly

Cavan Arts

Sally-Ann Duffy
Sally-Ann Duffy

Bailieborough Creative Hub

Elena Duff
Elena Duff

Visual Artist & Performer

Where It’s At

Hotel Kilmore, Dublin Road, Co. Cavan, H12 F6Y7.

This Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for 40!

Please Reserve your place using the EVENTBRITE link below.

Get in Touch

If you would like to be part of our online directory of Cavan Creatives, all you need to do is fill out the online application available on our home page If you would be up for doing a short video interview with us, please drop us a message. We currently do a limited number of videos each year so when the next few sign up we will add you to the waiting list.


Thanks to our sponsors for all their support and for making this event FREE to attend