About Our Hospitali …tea bundle!

Nothing is more Irish than sharing a cup of tea!  It’s time to unwind, to catch up with friends or to offer a sympathetic ear.

It’s something we have really missed in recent times … so gift someone a beautiful hand crafted ‘moment’ and know that each time they use their gift they will remember you fondly as they enjoy their cuppa!

Hand made and hand crafted pieces

from local Cavan artists and artisans

Our tray is hand woven by the talented Eddie McGrath, a basket weaver from Belturbet. Eddie grows all of his own willow, and loves creating beautiful, ecologically friendly and sustainable basket work.

The beautiful blue speckled mug is a signature piece by Kingscourt Ceramicist Olivia Canavan.  Olivias pieces are all hand thrown in her pottery studio, each one is unique unlike mass produced pottery.

 The tray cloth and mug rugs are designed by Jennifer Hughes from JH Couture.  Made from vintage materials, Jennifer also designs the most stunning millinery using vintage and recycled materials, aiming to create her work as sustainably as possibly.

Last but not least, the mounted print entitled ‘you just can’t beat a cup of tea’ comes from an original piece of the same name by Bailieborough Artist, Maria Jordan-O’Reilly.  The piece was inspired by a photo she took at a family wedding just before the pandemic.

Much credit for this collaboration also goes to Dimitry Germanov, who has been working with me as videographer on a project to promote local Cavan Artists and Artisans.  Do check out our videos to date on your YouTube Channel.

What each Hospitali … tea bundle contains.

Mounted Print

Maria, from Bailieborough,  works in various styles and mediums, and this print is based on one of her original pieces called ‘you just can’t beat a cup of tea’ which was inspired by a photo she took at a family wedding before lockdown.  The scene is ‘that table’, typical of every Irish wedding when the guests arrive at the venue and indulge in a glass of wine, a pint, or the ever popular cup of tea!


RRP Normally €15 plus €5 p&p

Hand woven Tray

Eddie creates all of his basketwork from scratch in his workshop near Belturbet.  Sustainable and beautifully crafted each piece is made by hand from willow that Eddie grows locally.

RRP Normally €50 plus €15 p&p

Hand thrown Mug

Olivia works in her home pottery near Kingscourt and produces a range of hand thrown pieces.  Each piece is designed by Olivia and is inspired by her surroundings and experiences.


RRP Normally €15 plus €5 p&p

Handmade Tray cloth and 2 mug rugs

Jennifer, from Cootehill is a Milliner and Fashion Designer, and loves to create beautiful and functional pieces by recycling older pieces such as wedding dresses.  In addition to her high fashion Jennifer also produces more practical items such tray cloths and aprons which she creates from vintage material.


RRP Normally €15 plus €5 p&p

The total cost for each item individually would normally be €125 including p&p, by purchasing the bundle you will be saving €25

Limited Availibility

Pre-Orders will be taken from the 1st till the 31st October 2021, when we will be closing our order list to ensure time to complete these hand crafted items for delivery to you in Early December.

You Just Can’t Beat a Cup of Tea

Why Choose Us

Bespoke, Original & Sustainable

We are all creatives running small businesses from home.  Our work is bespoke, original, and sustainable.

Unique gift

No two mugs or trays will be identical due to their handmade origins.

Additional Pieces Available

Should you want extra mugs, tray clothes, matching aprons, or a different art print they will all available on request when you place your order.  Just leave a note on your order and we will be in touch to personalise your order.

Strictly Created to Order

We are all committed to sustainable production as it is kinder to the environment and reduces waste, therefore each piece will only be created as it is ordered.

Pre-orders Open from 1st to 31st of October

To ensure all orders are fulfilled on time we are taking pre-orders until the 31st of October.  Bear in mind that pottery takes several weeks to produce from the thrown ‘pot’ to the completed article.

Why Pre-Orders?

As you can imagine creating bespoke pieces takes time, and because of that we will be taking pre-orders for Christmas Delivery this year.

Our Contributors

Meet the five people that have come together to produce our Cavan Hospitalit …tea bundle!

Olivia Canavan

Olivia Canavan


Maria Jordan-O'Reilly

Maria Jordan-O'Reilly


Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes

Fashion and Design

Eddie Mc Grath

Eddie Mc Grath

Basket Weaver

Dimitry Germanov

Dimitry Germanov

Photographer & Videographer

Creative Cornucopia Cavan

This online directory has been set up over the past year, and aims to give a platform for Cavan Artists and Artisans, and a way for people to find local creatives who are working from their kitchen or home workshop.  Creatives like this often do not have a location in the high street, or even in the streets of our small town, but they produce beautiful work and are some of the almost invisible small busnesses that surround us.  So please do take the time to check them out, and when you can, buy local and support your local creatives!

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