About Creative Cornucopia Cavan

A cornucopia in mythology is also known as the Horn of Plenty, and Cavan truly is a Cornucopia of very talented creatives.  We can boast artists, writers, photographers, musicians, and performers of the highest calibre.  So, as I sat one fine day and pondered on all of the wonderful creative people I know who are living around me I thought it might be a really good idea to find a way to allow each and every one of them to showcase their talents.  Now, particularly with current restrictions, most of them have had to make do with showing their talents online, through performances, virtual tours and online events.

The development of this website is my attempt to give them both a platform to connect with the world, and and a connection to the other creatives around them, so we can build a supportive community to rely on when things are difficult, to inspire each other and to spark each others creativity.

Enjoy browsing the site, do pop in to visit the wonderful people represented here on their own sites and social media, and do support local creatives and small businesses to help them weather the current storm and survive to entertain and create and fill out lives with beauty and art when the storm has passed.


Where can you find creatives in Cavan?

From Bailieborough to Belturbet, from Kingscourt to Ballyjamesduff.  Cavan people have a wealth of musicianship and artistic talent.  And then there are those, like me, who come to Cavan to find the space and peace we crave so that we can find our muse and create.

You cannot go far along and country lane without finding a creative soul, people who tell stories, who are delighted to play and instrument or raise their voices in song.  Some of us creatives are maybe less gregarious, we paint, write, knit, sew, make … country crafts are evidenced all over the county, from basket making to spinning and wool felting.

So, take a wee journey and see just how creative this wee county is!