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Sally-Ann Duffy
I am a visual artist and creative event coordinator. I have a passion for textiles and hand embroidery. I am originally from London and have been living in Bailieborough since 2007.

My work has been exhibited in Ireland, UK, the Netherlands and a small piece of my work was part of a local professional artist’s exhibition in India in 2022. I am a prolific maker and creator and have a vast and eclectic mix of vibrant carefully stitched textiles and mixed media work in my portfolio. Inspiration comes from many sources including folklore and nature. My work often features handmade, painted and hand dyed fabrics along with recycled objects. My current work is exploring textiles and sculpture.

I am an experienced project manager and have devised community projects in Ireland and the UK. I love to teach textile and creative arts to adults and children where I advocate that creativity and particularly sewing is a creative way to wellness.

I have developed a series of workshops I call SALS; Slow And Leisurely Stitching. SALS is a creative art where the joy is in the creating and not so much in the finished product. Sharing the benefits of SALS with others is a joyful experience and seeing how a person can relax while doing a simple mindful process while in my sessions is wonderful. SALS sessions often spark further interest in textile arts and crafts and start people on their own creative journeys.

Co Founder of Bailieborough Creative Hub a community arts group providing meet ups and collaborations for artists and public arts events.

‘My Seven Year Stitch’ 2018. (Bailieborough Library, Ireland)
‘Recycled Art’ 2019 residency at the Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun, Dublin
‘Show and Tell’ 2019 Bailieborough Creative Hub, Bailieborough Library
‘Cavan Arts Week’ 2019 Cavan County Library
‘Past-times’ 2019 Heritage Week, Bailieborough Creative Hub, Bailieborough Library
‘Under Cavan Skies’ 2021 Bailieborough Creative Hub, Cavan County Museum
‘Summer Showcase 2022’ Bailieborough Creative Hub, Bailieborough Court House
‘Page 10 Line 5’ 2022 Bailieborough Creative Hub, Bailieborough Library

‘Stay United Community Quilt, Meath Intercultural Network, Cultur, Navan 2017

“Welcome to Poetry Town” 2019 event featured on RTE’s Six One News
‘A Haunting’, 2019 A theatrical event and window displays, Bailieborough Creative Hub
‘Pocket Poetry’ 2021 Book and Videos Bailieborough Creative Hub
Think it! Create it! Share it! Chat creative workshops 2023 Bailieborough Creative Hub

Bailieborough Craft Club Quilt 2010,
The Dundalk Community Tapestry 2018,
100 Sawdust Hearts (London) 2018,
‘Stitch Your Brain’ Gallerie WG Kunst, (Amsterdam) 2018
100 Timepieces (Scarborough)2019
Stitchbook Collective

Irish Times Magazine: Saturday 28th July 2018 ‘Crafty Stitching’ Kevin Sweeney
Meath Chronicle: Saturday 28th July 2018
Anglo Celt: Celt Living: Wednesday 9th August 2018 ‘Satisfying the Urge to Stitch’ Damien McCarney.
Inspirations Magazine ‘All Stitched Up’ Issue 262, Nov 2020
Inspirations All Stitched Up! | Issue 287 18 June 2021

Oceanarium, Bournemouth, England
Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun, Ireland

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Sally-Ann Duffy

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